Can I trace a picture of my floor plan?

Yes.  The Trace Image feature allows you to import an image of a floor plan.  Images don’t have a real world size like a building does.  For this reason, Cedar Architect even provides a scaling tool to resize the image to match the dimensions of the original design.

TIP:  A ruler is used to set the scale.  Stretch the ruler over a space where you know the actual size in the plan.  In the scaling dialog box, enter the actual dimension for the ‘Ruler Length’.  This sets a scale.  (The distance on the image covered by the ruler is x’ in the real world. )

  1. To use the Image Trace too:

  2. Click the Layout tab on the main design menu across the top of your screen.

  3. Click Trace Image in the design tools menu displayed at the left of your screen.

  4. The options on the right, display a button labeled “Trace Image”.  Click the button

  5. A standard browse dialog will appear.  Find your image file and click the Open button.

  6. A red ruler will appear on your screen over the image.  Position the ruler over a space with a known dimension.  Drag the ends of the ruler to each side of the space.  

  7. Enter the dimension for the ruler in the “Ruler Length” space.

  8. Click OK to scale the image to the real world dimensions displayed in the plan image.

Note: Once scaled, the wall measurements in Cedar Architect will match those found in the traced floor plan.
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