How do I place furniture?

Cedar Architect makes it easy to place furniture and architectural/landscape components.  

  1. Click the Furnishings tab in the main Design menu across the top of the application.  The view will be changed to a 3D view.

  2. To see over the walls into the rooms, you have to turn off the roof and other levels of the house.   In the options menu displayed on the right side of the application, uncheck the Roof and All Levels optionsThis provides a birds-eye style view of your plan.

  3. Click the desired category of objects from the Design tools on the left.

  4. Groups of similar objects will be displayed in the design area.  Click the name of the desired library.  

  5. Thumbnail images of the objects appear below.  Click using your left mouse button to select the object.

  6. Position the cursor in the desired room and click the left mouse button to place the object.

Note:  Use the navigation buttons on the screen or your mouse to change the view as you are placing furniture.


Switch to 2D mode while placing your furnishings, to precisely place your objects in a room.  Looking straight down on the 2D plan will allow furniture to be positioned exactly where it is needed.  Sometimes positioning the furniture is harder when other objects are close.  Turning off the Collisions will allow you to move and rotate furniture around freely, even if you are moving over another object.

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