Can I change the materials in my furniture?

Cedar Architect allows you to personalize furniture in your design.  Each object will have its own options for what can be changed.  The options will appear when the placed furniture object is selected.  

  1. Select a furniture object that you have placed in your design

  2. Options will appear on the right menu

  3. Look for the label Personalization.

  4. Click a the material swatch next to the label.  Material options appear.

  5. Click a material thumbnail to instantly change the material

Apply materials to matching furniture in a room:

The Quick Paint features will apply any material change you make to a furnishings item to all matching items in the same room. As an example, you might want to change the materials of your dining room furniture.  With Quick Paint enabled, change a material on a dining room chair in the design.  The result will be changing that material for all identical chairs.  NOTE: Changing properties like size, will not affect the ability to change with Quick Paint.  

  1. Click the Furnishings tab on the Main Design menu at the top. 
  2. Make sure the Quick Paint feature is enabled from the Options menu on the right.
  3. Select one of the desired furniture objects.
  4. Change a material displayed in the object's options.

The result will be changing that material for all of the matching objects in the room.  This works 

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