Can I create a custom area for materials?

Yes, Cedar Architect provides a feature called Zones for this.  Zones allow to create an area within a surface for a different materials. 

Some examples of use:

  • Wainscot: to create an area of brick on an exterior wall with siding.
  • Two-toned colored walls
  • Floor with an inset material
  • Inlays for tile surfaces

  1. Zones are resizable surfaces that are applied to other surfaces.  To add a material Zone:
  2. Click Materials from the main design menu at the top.
  3. Select Zone from the design tools on the left.  Shapes will appear below for both floors and walls.
  4. Select either a zone shape for walls or floors.
  5. Position the zone shape on the floor or wall, click the left mouse button to place.
  6. Select a material and apply it to the zone.

NOTE: Zones can only be selected, edited, deleted while in the 'zones' command.  

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