What does the Snap "Magnetism" option do?

The snap feature assists you in drawing.  You can turn this feature on and off by checking or unchecking the ‘Snap’ checkbox in the options displayed on the right of the drawing window.  

The snap feature will:

  • ‘snap’ the cursor to the end of a wall when the cursor is close enough to the point

  • Helps align drawing walls orthogonally from one point to another.  If you are drawing a wall close to horizontally or vertically in the drawing area, it will snap to vertical or horizontal.

  • Alignment lines will appear when your cursor is lined up horizontally or vertically with another wall end point.

  • Drawing Free form roofs: the cursor will snap to a close wall endpoint

  • Drawing exterior ground areas: The cursor will align to the closest vertical or horizontal from the last point clicked.

When to use Snaps

Use snaps to make it easier to connect endpoints and to align points horizontally or vertically from other points.

When to turn off Snaps

There are circumstances that require you place points in an unconstructed fashion.  As an example, you might want to draw a wall that is almost vertical from the last point but it needs to be at a slight angle.  When you don’t want the assistance provided by the Snaps feature, uncheck the ‘Snap’ checkbox.

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