Can I add the same item to my drawing multiple times without selecting it each time?

Cedar Architect provides a Repeated Choice option in the general options menu.  This allows you to add more than one of the same item without selected it each time.

With the Repeated Choice option checked, you can:

  • Add the same Room Edition to multiple rooms

  • Place multiple instances of doors/windows with default properties

  • Place multiple instances of objects from the Exterior and Furnishings libraries with default properties

  • Apply a material customized for a selected surface, to multiple surfaces in the drawing


  1. On the right side of the drawing window, click ‘Show Options’.  This displays the general options.

  2. Click the ‘Repeated Choice’ checkbox to activate this option.

  3. Click the thumbnail for the item you wish to place multiple times

  4. Click in the drawing window to place each instance
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