How do I purchase the software?

Once your account has been created and confirmed, go to your account and click on "My Package" and select the option of your choice. You will then be redirected to an online payment platform to pay for your subscription(s) and/or pack(s).

Monthly subscriptions

Our Monthly subscriptions allow you to create your projects and produce images based on your needs. The table here provides subscription options by the volume of projects and images, as well as the image formats.

Annual subscriptions

Your activity is changing and you need a more flexible plan? You would like to save money as your project volume grows and changes month to month?

The annual subscription allows you to purchase credits for a year and to use them according to your activity.

In subscription type, select ‘annual subscription’. The table below provides options. Select the best plan based on the volume of projects and images as well as the image formats needed.

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